WARREN: Guardian Started From A Custom Window

In Warren, more than just windows and doors in standard sizes, you have flexible choices on customer windows tailored for your projects. We devoted ourselves to surprising our customers with delicately-design custom windows and doors. We, Warrener, are a team of determined and passionate people who simply dig into the field of window manufacturing, research and innovation. And of course, we DO SALE custom windows of high quality.


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$80.00 - $125.00
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 2 square meters
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$105.00 - $135.00
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 10 square meters

After carefully packing the goods, the goods are transported from the factory to the port you want. At the port of departure, your windows and doors are loaded into a container by certified export handlers and will be verified. Every shipment is fully insured.


Depending on the size of your order, they will be loaded into a 20-foot, 40-foot standard or 40-foot high cube container. Upon shipment, we provide you with customs clearance documents, which will help you to arrange customs clearance.


Transit time will be approximately 30 days. The exact transit time depends on the location of your port and the actual departure time of the ship.

Let’s Discuss Your Project to Bring Your Dream into Truth.


For more information on WARREN and our factory, product quotes, or more ideas for your window and door projects, please contact us. We have professional engineering staff to help you.




1. During the quoting phase, there are many design choices and options to select. We do our best to make sure every option is entered correctly and accurately, but oversights do happen. It is the responsibility of the customer to make a final review of each item to ensure the product is ordered exactly as desired. Warren Window will manufacture the product exactly as shown on the PI and Drawing.


2. Warren Window prides itself on getting your order right the first time. Upon customer approval, the order will be released into production. 48 hours after placement of this order, NO changes will be accepted. We will not be responsible if the above units are different from the plans.


3. These are custom-made products so there are NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGES, OR RETURNS. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Once approval is given, and products cannot be modified, changed, or canceled.



A 50% deposit is due at the time of ordering with the balance collected before shipping.

If using a credit card for any portion of payment, merchant fees of 5% will be applied to the payment amount.



A 50% deposit for the cost of materials is due at the time of ordering. The balance of materials will be paid before shipping.  And 1/2 of labor costs are collected at the start of the project. The remaining labor costs and any other job-related expenses not included in the original agreement are collected at project completion.


5.All the products will be well packed according to the custom requirement and shipment type. They will be shipped or trucked to the warehouse or project site in fumigation-free wooden cases or full containers20GP/40HQ. All the obligations will be defined and clarified according to Incoterms 2020. CIF(Cost, Insurance, and Freight) and DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) are widely used incoterms in international trade. Please be aware that:"


a.All the cost of warehouse costs need to be paid by the customers. (Most of the warehouses charged by the day. Please pick up the goods as soon as possible when you receive the notice from forwarding agent)


b.Customers need to prepare and finish the unloading work from the truck or container, and hire forklifts or employees in advance. All the cost is paid by the customer.We recommend that you give priority to renting a forklift instead of manual transportation, because manual transportation is time-consuming and has a high risk factor.The waiting expenses and accidents caused by manual unloading will be borne by the customer. Please complete unloading within the limited time specified by the freight company. (The specific time shall be subject to the announcement by the freight company.) Overtime fees shall be borne by the customer.


c.Customs examinations happen every day. That is an inspection performed by the customs authorities in order to verify the accuracy of the information declared to the customs authorities; they were chosen at random. The probability is very low that your goods is been selected for the customs examination. But once your goods been selected for the custom examination, the relevant expenses caused by the custom examination need to be paid by the customer.  The specific amount is subject to the bill from the forwarding agent.


d.It is the responsibility of the person signing this quote, to ensure that your named address can allow the 40HQ truck to enter. We default to use 40HQ trucks and the goods will be delivered to your named address. But when your named address doesn't allow the 40HQ truck to enter for delivery, we'll unload it nearby. Please arrange the rest of the trip yourself. Or you can contact the truck company to replace the small truck delivery on another day, the extra costs are required to bear by the customer. The exact cost is subject to the trucking company.


e. There will always be an additional cost for secondary shipping, no exceptions




NOTE: Claims for damaged, defective, or missing products will only be considered when and if we are notified within 24 hours of the customer receiving the order. This includes crated shipments. Incorrectly installed products are not a warranty item, or the responsibility of Warren Windows.


mullion profile of windows and doors
mullion profile of windows and doors
mullion profile of windows and doors